Woodlands Nursery and Forest School is an Ofsted Good rated nursery in Melton Mowbray. Set in a wooded area, your child will learn, play and grow surrounded by nature.

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Seven ways nursery helps your child's development

In the years between birth and school, your child will grow and develop faster than at any other time in their life. So having the opportunities to maximise that development are essential to ensure they have the best possible start to life. We take a look at seven ways that attending nursery supports your child's development.

1. Your child's socialisation will be supported by being around other children

Nursery is often the first time that your child will encounter and form relationships with people outside of their family. In many ways, nursery is the best place that this can happen because it means that your child can be supported through this new experience.

Through role modelling, games and activities, our team will help your child to understand what behaviour is appropriate with their peers, so that they can understand social norms and boundaries.

This support will also help them to form positive relationships with others and manage their feelings during the disputes that naturally come with relationships (for example, when sharing a toy). By developing this socialisation during nursery, it means that starting school and forming new relationships there will be that bit easier.

2. Your child's development will be supported by childcare experts

At nursery, you're not just signing up for someone to look after your child. You will be benefitting from a team of people who are experts in childcare and child development.

Our team is made up of practitioners who are qualified in early years care. This means that they understand how best to support your child to give them the best opportunities to grow. 

This is important because it means that at nursery, we don't waste any opportunity to support your child's development. But we can also support you by providing advice about how you can continue their growth at home.

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3. Getting a head start with the transition to school

Starting primary school is one of the biggest milestones in your child's life and attending nursery means that this big change can be a lot less daunting. Our pre-school team work to make the transition to pre-school as easy as possible, so that your child can have a running start from day one.

In pre-school, your child will begin to get used to how life at school is different from life at nursery or at home. For example, they will begin to get used to routine and taking care of their own property.

We will work to ensure that your child has developed their confidence and independence ahead of school. So they will already be used to tying their shoes, putting on their coat and serving themselves at mealtimes.

To make the whole experience more familiar, we will enjoy role-playing with school uniforms and your child's reception teacher will visit them at nursery so that they have a familiar face from day one.

4. Your child will benefit from an environment designed to help them grow

One of the biggest benefits of nursery is that your child will be playing in an environment specifically designed to help them grow.

Every part of the space has been planned to maximise their growth and development. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and ensure that your child has opportunities to develop each area of growth - such as their motor skills, creativity or mathematics.

We are also able to ensure that as your child progresses through nursery, the equipment continues to be age-appropriate. This is essential to ensure that your child is maximising their development opportunities while enjoying games and activities.

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5. Our childcare experts will design activities to help your child's growth

One of the benefits of our childcare practitioners is that they are experienced in designing activities that will help your child's development.

We believe in learning through play and no opportunities are missed to maximise that growth every step of the way. For example, while telling a story, our team know how to maximise the learning opportunities by encouraging your child's involvement and stretching them to reach their potential.

At nursery, a lot of planning goes into the activities in advance to ensure that they are suitable and appropriate for your child's individual development needs. This means that they will enjoy opportunities that other children may not benefit from.

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6. Supporting your child's independence and confidence

By attending nursery, your child will also be supported as their independence and confidence develops.

We will actively encourage this by supporting them to make decisions such as what time they want a healthy snack and supporting them to try new experiences. 

We will also support the development of their independence to help with school readiness. For example, your child will be encouraged to self-serve drinks during the day. By developing this independence, your child will have a head start at school - meaning that they can focus on learning in the classroom.

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7. Your are employing someone to be an expert on your child's development

When your child attends nursery, you are employing someone to be an expert on them and their development! Your child will have a key person who tracks their individual growth and makes plans to help develop this further.

This means that every day, your child will be supported in activities designed specifically around them to maximise their learning and development. Their progress is tracked during these activities so that we can focus on areas where your child needs support and push them in areas where they are excelling.

Your child's key person will also work closely with you to ensure that there is a seamless transition between life at nursery and home. For example, they can provide advice on activities that you might enjoy at home to further what has been learnt at nursery.

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7. Outdoor play opportunities that your child might not enjoy at home

At nursery, we can provide outdoor play opportunities that it can be difficult to fit into a garden at home. Just like our indoor space, our outdoor play area is designed so that your child can progress in every area of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

This means that they can enjoy physical toys such as bikes or climbing equipment. Our mud kitchen is fantastic for supporting their creativity and imaginations. Or your child can enjoy outdoor activities that support the development of their maths skills, like collecting, counting and sorting natural items like leaves and twigs.

At Woodlands, your child will also enjoy our fantastic forest school. In this environment, they will take part in hands on experiences to develop their confidence and self-esteem. This might include den-making, nature walks or storytelling around the fire-pit.

Woodlands Nursery & Forest School cares for children from 6 weeks old until school age. We are an Ofsted Good rated nursery and focus on learning through play in nature. We are open all year around, Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm.

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