Forest School

The Forest School is an idyllic setting for children to learn and play surrounded by nature.

An inspiring place surrounded by trees, bushes and wildflowers, the Forest School is where your child will enjoy play, exploration and supported risk taking. By taking part in hands on experiences, your child will develop their confidence and self-esteem while continuing to develop skills such as creativity and numeracy.

To get the most out of the experience, your child's room will enjoy regular visits to the Forest School. Children always look forward to their room's Forest School time, which offers a different and complementary experience to activities in the nursery. This approach also means that your child will benefit from Forest School regardless of which days they attend the nursery.

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Helping your child to grow

In Forest School, your child will continue to develop their skills as they do in the nursery building. The different activities in an inspiring environment will benefit your child as they grow. 

For example, to support their imagination, they will engage in den making and storytelling around the fire pit. Their numeracy will be developed by collecting and counting natural materials. The bug hotel houses different creepy crawlies, helping your child to learn more about nature and the world around them.

Hands on activities

Forest School is all about hands on activities - with children supported to get involved in different experiences. These are designed to help boost their confidence and self-esteem as they try something new in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The site is a perfect location to develop a responsible attitude to risk taking. Your child will be supported to overcome challenges in a safe environment, helping them to be more resilient, independent and curious. 

Spectacular site

Just minutes from the main nursery building, the Forest School is based on a secure site surrounded by nature. The area is regularly maintained to provide a safe environment for play and it is surrounded by a fence.

The Forest School has fantastic facilities such as the fire pit, natural swing, balancing rope and mud kitchen. The Woodlands Cabin houses toilet and changing facilities. The Forest School is used throughout the year and in all weathers, so the Cabin also provides a sheltered area for play under cover.

Dedicated team

The nursery manager is a qualified Forest School practitioner, bringing vital experience and expertise to make the Forest School more than just a wooded area.

We also have a dedicated Forest School Coordinator, who will lead the activities on site with your child during their Forest School Week each month. She is supported by your child's room staff, who provide a friendly and encouraging smile as the children try new activities.