We're making sure that your child doesn't miss out due to Covid-19 at this vital time in their growth and development.

To ensure that children, families and staff are safe we are following guidance from the Department for Education and Public Health England. We have put robust measures in place and are constantly reviewing our procedures as the situation progresses.

As a nursery, we have longstanding experience in handling infectious illnesses, which are common among young children. Our new measures and procedures mean that the risk in your child attending nursery is minimal but things might look a little different than you are used to.

We are always happy to talk to parents about any concerns they might have and we continue to provide updates on the Famly app with the latest information.

Important: your child must not come to nursery if they or a member of their household show any symptoms of Covid-19

 A temperature or fever

 A new persistent cough

Loss of sense of taste

Loss of sense of smell

Please telephone the nursery to let us know – the management team will be happy to answer any questions you might have and we can provide advice on receiving a test.

Impact on children

The Government's Chief Medical Officer advises that children who have caught Covid-19 experience a significantly milder form of the infection and typically do not experience the illness as severely as adults. 

Many of the measures that the Government have put in place for early years settings are designed to help stop the wider transmission of the virus in the community.

Experienced and prepared

As a nursery, we are more prepared and experienced than most businesses in handling infectious illnesses. 

We regularly deal with a range of conditions which are common among young children (such as chicken pox) and therefore we have robust policies in place which are successful in containing illness.

Measures and procedures we're taking

Keeping the virus out of the nursery

  • We will limit the number of parents allowed inside the nursery at any one time.
  • Parents will need to queue outside the nursery at drop-off and pick-up time, using different entrances to normal.
  • We are temporarily suspending all trips and visits.
  • Parents must check their child's temperature and keep them away if they display any symptoms.

Stopping transmission of virus within the nursery

  • Your child's room is a bubble which will not mix with other bubbles, reducing the number of people your child will interact with.
  • Each room will have a dedicated outdoor play time to prevent mixing with other rooms.
  • Each room will have it's own equipment, which won't be shared with other rooms.

Limiting opportunities for the virus to spread

  • Our procedures and activities have been changed to reduce physical activity as much as possible.
  • Activities and games will be planned to reduce physical contact.
  • We are reducing the opportunities for multiple children to touch the same items. For example, children will not self-serve food to reduce the use of communal serving equipment.