Learning and Development

Your child will never grow faster than in their first five years of life.

Children are natural learners from birth and the years before school are when they develop their skills the fastest. We know that your child can't miss out at this vital time, so we work to help them reach their full potential as they learn and grow.

Each child will learn and develop differently, so your child's key person will monitor their progress and use their unique interests, strengths and weaknesses to tailor their learning around them. We believe in learning through play and your child will develop new skills as they engage in fun activities with their friends.

Fantastic environment for learning

Parents love our nursery's home-from-home environment, which provides an atmosphere conducive to learning. Our friendly team create a supportive and nurturing setting which helps children to feel comfortable as they try new things and develop their skills.

An experienced team to help your child grow

Our friendly team are childcare professionals, with years of experience in supporting your child's development. We promote continuous training, so that your child's key person will know the latest best practice to help your child grow.

We have a longstanding team, who can follow your child's progress through the nursery and tailor activities based on their development.

Working together as your child grows

Learning doesn't stop when you pick up your child and we believe in building a shared approach to their development. 

Our team will build a strong relationship with you so that we can share information both ways. This will help us to tailor activities for your child, to help them reach their full potential.

Supporting your child's development

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, published by the Department for Education. The Framework looks to promote development in seven areas of learning. 

We focus on the following areas of development: 

 Personal, social and emotional development
Physical development
Communication and language
Understanding the world
Expressive art and design 

More information about the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework is available from the Foundation Years website.