Meals and Nutrition

Delicious home-cooked meals to help your child grow.

We know how important nutritious food is for your child's health at this important time in their development. We take nutrition seriously and place a great importance on providing meals which follows the latest health guidance on diet in early years.

Our three menus rotate weekly and are changed seasonally so that your child benefits from a variety of fresh and delicious produce. Meal plans are prepared using the Eat Better, Do Better guidance to ensure that each meal supports your child's development. 

We have an on-site cook, who prepares meals freshly each day, using delicious fresh produce which is locally sourced where possible. We don't add salt to meals, limit the use of sugar and incorporate at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

Adapting to suit your needs

Our friendly team will work with you so that we can adapt to follow the home feeding routine of younger children. When you feel that your child is ready, we will fully cooperate during the weaning process.

Babies moving onto solids are offered foods such as pureed vegetables before being gradually introduced to other flavours. They will eventually begin eating modified versions of the main meal eaten by the older children each day. 

Social occasions

We treat mealtimes as a social occasion and your child will sit at the table with their friends, developing their communication skills.

Mealtimes are also used to develop your child's independence, with older children serving their own food and drinks. Staff are always on hand to support children as they eat.

We also know that your child will be more likely to try different foods when eating with their friends. So we use mealtimes as an opportunity to introduce foods that your child might be reluctant to try at home.

Dietary requirements

We will always cooperate with you to meet your child's dietary requirements. A vegetarian alternative is prepared each day as standard and we will also adapt meals to suit your child's needs as necessary.

Our team will know your child's dietary needs and we will work closely with you so that we are aware of any intolerances.

Snacks and drinks

Milk and healthy snacks are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon. We will support older children to make the decision about when they would like their snack.

Snacks vary each day and include options like vegetable sticks, fruit or rice cakes.