Butterflies: Toddlers

The Butterflies Room supports your toddler as their independence and confidence starts to develop.

Depending on your child's development, they will likely join the Butterflies Room between two and three years of age. At this vital stage in their development, this room supports them as they begin to develop their confidence and independence and begin to manage their feelings.

Developing your child's independence

This is the age when your child will begin to develop a sense of independence. We encourage this by helping them to make their own decisions and they will have free access to games and toys so they can choose what they want to play with.

This will continue throughout the day, including at meal times when they will begin to serve their own food and drink at the table.

Learning through play

Your child will develop their skills as they learn through play, enjoying group games and one-on-one exercises. These will support them as they begin to learn essentials such as counting, shapes and colours.

During the day, our friendly team will help to guide your child towards planned games and activities designed to support their growth.

Your child will also have direct access to our stunning outdoor play area, which provides numerous opportunities to learn, play and grow. 

Helping your child to grow

At this key time in your child's development, we support them as they begin to manage their feelings and relationships with their peers.

Your child will have a dedicated key person, who will track their progress. Each child will develop at a different rate and we will work with you to set next steps to help your child's development.

Eat, sleep and grow

We believe that mealtimes are social occasions and your child will eat at the table with their friends. Meals are freshly prepared each day by our nursery cooked and are designed with health in mind.

Throughout the day, your child will have access to water or milk and will choose when they would like to eat their healthy snack.

Those children who need to sleep will have the opportunity to do so and will sleep on individual mats with their own bed linen, provided by the nursery.