Trips out

Your child will enjoy trips away from the nursery to help them learn more about the world around them.

In both small and large groups, your child will go on trips away from the nursery throughout the year. These exciting trips are designed to support your child's development and offer a fun opportunity to discover new places and boost their understanding of the world around them.

We will go on regular outings to places such as the library, park or local shops. These are designed to help them develop their skills in a different environment and will help your child learn more about their community in a secure and controlled way.

Throughout the year, we will also organise larger trips to exciting locations such as the Curve Theatre, the farm, the fire station and the cattle market. Where possible, we fit trips into themes - for example, picking pumpkins ahead of Halloween.

Supporting your child's development

Our trips are designed to support your child's development as they learn new skills in a different environment.

On a trip to the park, for example, we might challenge their numeracy skills by counting leaves together, support their creativity by collecting natural materials for artwork and develop their imagination by engaging in role play.

Trips led by an experienced team

Your child's safety is always our first priority and each of our trips are fully risk assessed. We provide an appropriate staff to child ratio and our team are all trained in paediatric first aid.

For trips further away from nursery, we can use minibuses or public transport - an experience the children always enjoy! Your will receive information about trips using our secure Famly app.

Events at nursery

Throughout the year we host a range of social events for families, such as the Christmas Nativity and parents evening.

We use these events to help build strong relationships between parents and staff, to support our shared approach to your child's growth.