Outdoor play

Our large, outdoor play area is a hidden gem in the heart of Melton.

Parents are often surprised at the size of our large outdoor play area, which your child can enjoy throughout the day. Each room is directly connected to the outside area, so that your child can choose whether they want to play indoors or outdoors.

Our outdoor area is completely secured and staff are always on hand to support and supervise outdoor activities.

Helping your child to grow

We know that some children prefer to learn outside, so the outdoor area is designed to provide the same opportunities for growth as inside the nursery.

Our staff will run activities based around your child's developmental needs - for example, counting natural materials to support numeracy or running an obstacle course to develop motor skills.

Stimulating activities

The outdoor area has a huge range of activities and equipment that your child will enjoy playing with. It is designed so that they can develop different skills and provides options to suit their interests. A few examples include:

Climbing frame and bikes - to help support their motor and physical skills

Mud kitchen - to develop their imagination with friends

Musical area - instruments allow them to explore creativity

Vegetable garden - to help them learn about the natural world around them

Dedicated space for younger children

Our large garden also includes a separate area for younger children to play. Directly connected to the baby and toddler rooms, this provides an opportunity for those children to play in a calmer area if they wish.

The area includes a range of games and activities suited to their age group. Part of the area is covered by a large canopy so that the children can enjoy outdoor play regardless of the weather.