Ladybirds: Babies

Our baby room provides our youngest children with a calm, friendly and nurturing place to grow.

The Ladybirds cares for children from 6 weeks old, we will work closely with you as your child settles into the room. Our friendly team will follow your home routine, so that your child has consistency with feeding and sleeping. We place an importance on building a close relationship with you so that we can work together on giving your baby the best possible care and give you peace of mind each day.

Parents love our baby room's cosy home-from-home environment, which provides a peaceful and cosy atmosphere for your child as they start to grow. Your child will be cared for by a committed team of nursery nurses specifically trained to care for this age group. The team are permanently based in the room, providing consistency and continuity for your baby.

Home-from-home environment

Our friendly, home-from-home environment is designed to provide a calm and cosy place for your child to grow. This helps to support your baby's transition to nursery.

The room has several different areas to support their needs. Younger babies will enjoy toys, displays and activities designed to stimulate them and encourage their curiosity. Older babies will enjoy free play, with age-appropriate toys as they satisfy their inquisitive minds.

Helping your baby to grow

Each day, your child's key person will plan activities based around your child's needs. Tracking their growth, they will identify areas of development which need extra support and design activities accordingly.

We follow the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which helps to stimulate and promote all areas of development through exploration and experimentation.

Learning through play outdoors

The baby room has direct access to our dedicated baby garden, which is separated by a picket fence from the rest of our outdoor play area. This fantastic area allows your baby to enjoy outdoor play in a secure and controlled environment.

Some children prefer to learn and play outdoors, so your child will enjoy age-appropriate games and toys outside every day.

Following your routine

To provide consistency for your child, we will work with you to follow your home routine and adapt as it changes. 

We will follow your child's ever-changing feeding routine at home and will cooperate fully with the weaning process. We provide cow's milk formula and parents are welcome to provide breast milk. For older children, our nursery cook produces delicious, freshly prepared meals.

Your child will sleep in cots in our sleeping area. We will follow your child's sleeping routine at home to ensure consistency.